"I  want to formally thank you and let you know what a pleasant experience  it is working with your company. You have a great group of hard-working,  conscientious and dedicated people.

It  is a pleasure working with RTS Landscaping during the first year of our  project maintaining the grounds at Davis-Month an AFB. I am also very  pleased with the management which you put in place and their outstanding  crew. RTS Landscaping has been very accommodating and more than happy  and willing to do what needed to be done to get the job completed to our  and our clients satisfaction. I look forward to the additional years  working together with you on the contract.

Thanks to all of you for your outstanding service.”

- Robert Webster – President

   PDF & Associates, Inc

“We  have worked with RTS Landscaping for over three years now.  During that  time we have worked a grounds maintenance contract at Buckley Air Force  Base.  Due to the diligence and hard work of RTS, we have not received  one write up or deficiency during that whole time.  They are an  excellent grounds maintenance company and I would not hesitate to  recommend them to anyone needing their services.  You can’t go wrong  with RTS”

 - Gary L. Bress


    ALEUT Facilities Support Services, LLC

"RTS  is without a doubt one of the top 10 companies in Colorado. They have  performed services for the State of Colorado Department of Military  Affairs, the Colorado Air and Army National Guard and the Air Force  since 2001. They are a company that you can always count on to take on  any project and get the work completed on time and at a very competitive  price. They are also a company that requires very little oversight,  saving the Government and the taxpayers' dollars time and time again.  I'm very pleased to recommend this company to anyone."

 - Jay Benson
   Project Manager
   Construction and Facilities Management Office